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Data Mining

  • Data Mining - Detailed Analysis of Available Data

    • Detailed Analysis of all departmental data with respect to time and cost factor
    • Highlighting problem areas backed by calculations and analysis
    • Analysis interlinking all departmental data for scope of improvement
  • Decision Support Reports for Targeted Area

    • Detailed Analysis with data mining for targeted area
    • New Machine or Production Line purchase, New Storage Area requirements, Change in Process etc.
    • Suggestion with Cost-Benefit Analysis
    • Analysis supported by calculations and graphs for well informed decision
  • Management Information System Reports

    • Consolidated all departmental report - Efficiency V/s Targets
    • Analysis with graphs for quick visual control Points
    • Highlighted areas needing attention in reported
  • Formats for Data Recording

    • Organised departmental activity Reporting
    • Feasible for all production sections, stores, service divisions
    • Analysis report formats based on Data Records
  • Monthly and Weekly Reporting Formats

    • Organized departmental activity Recording
    • Feasible for all Production sections, QA, Service Divisions
    • Feasible Analysis Report based on Data Records
  • Specific Expansion Project Reports with Research

    • Data Mining of existing operations to take well informed Decision
    • Cost Benefit Analysis