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Service Industry - Consulting Areas

  • Process Optimization with Time factor Reduction

    • Measurable Improvement in Process Completion Time
    • Reduce / Remove NVA ( Non Value Added ) Processes
    • Identify and Improve bottleneck Areas
    • Feasible Solutions with immediate and long term effects
  • Cost Optimization

    • Min 10% Calculable savings in Inventory Value
    • Identify key area for Inventory Reduction
    • Reduced Raw Material, packing material, Work in Process Inventory
  • Identify Bottleneck area for Process Improvement

    • Identify key problem areas - 80/20 Application
    • Measurable Benefit Analysis
    • Feasible Solutions with immediate and long term effects
  • Documentation of Standard Operating Procedure(SOP)

    • Documentation of all processes as per Standard Operating Procedure
    • Formal Documentation with assigned responsibilities
    • Documentation reviewed and approval authority demarcation with amendment procedure
  • Identify Quality Improvement Areas

    • Identify key problem areas of whole process which needs attention in terms of quality and cost
    • Measurable benefit Analysis
    • Feasible Solution in discussion with core team for immediate and long term effects
  • Reduction of NVA ( Non Value Added) Processes

    • Improve overall efficiency of process
    • Detailed Study of complete process with bifurcation of each process in detailed VA/NVA analysis
    • Scrutinise NVA and impact on whole process
    • Feasibility suggestions in consultation with core team for removal or reduction of NVA processes